Why should I become a Member of Gateway Bank?

Gateway helps Australians create a more stable and prosperous financial future by providing award-winning finance options. Our Members are our shareholders, meaning we're focused on providing you better quality products, at more affordable prices. That's why more Australians are starting to choose customer-owned banks.


When it comes to the most important financial decisions in life, we're here to make your banking experience simple. 

And we've got the proof to back it up. With over 30,000 Members Australia wide, Gateway Bank has been helping people financially to achieve their hopes and dreams for over 60 years.


If you're looking for a long-standing, customer-owned bank that treats its customers like Members, not numbers, start by becoming a Member today at Gateway Bank. Your Membership will open a fee-free Edge Savings account in your name, where you will be able to manage and transact through our simple Online Banking platform.


Steps to becoming a Member:

  1. Complete our Membership application, which will open an Edge Savings account in your name.
  2. Once your Membership has been created, we will be in contact to arrange payment of your $2 Membership share. Once you are a Member you will own one equal share in Gateway Bank.


Bank with us

We understand it can feel like a hassle transferring all of your direct debits, direct credits and regular payments from one financial institution to another. That’s why we make it easy and offer two options to switch your account to us.


You can do-it-yourself in simple steps or we can help you make the switch.

Make the switch yourself
  1. Open a Gateway Bank account (if you don't already have one) 
  2. Identify your regular payments to and from your old transaction account (including your salary).
  3. Ask your old financial institution to issue you with a list of regular payments list you've made over the past 13 months.
  4. Complete this form to re-establish your regular repayments to your new Gateway account.
  5. Close your old account, once your salary and regular payments have been transferred to your new Gateway account. 

Important Information:

We will act on your instructions only when once we receive the list and signed Notice of Variation of Account Details. Gateway is not responsible, nor has control over any delay, oversight and/or errors which may arise in processing the switching forms by the recipients (third parties) to update your direct debits and/or direct credits