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What if your cafe was run by a big bank

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Financial freedom

You may have noticed that we are running a new campaign across our website, What if your café was run by a big bank?

As a customer-owned bank, we operate for the benefit of our Members. Our Members, are our shareholders. The relationships we create and the experience we offer is our main priority.

But not everyone banks with a mutual and not everyone understands the difference between a customer-owned bank and a ‘big bank’.

That is why we launched this light-hearted and humorous video; to explore how we are different and bring awareness of Gateway Bank to a new generation of customers.

Everyone at some point in time has experienced bad, impersonalised customer service. We’ve taken some of the common service levels experienced when dealing with a big bank and transposed them to the environment of a coffee shop.

We believe the one thing the big banks cannot emulate is being small and offering customers a personal experience. At Gateway, we are committed to providing our Members with one-to-one service and we know you appreciate it - we have a customer service satisfaction rating of 87%.

We don’t have huge disjointed departments, meaning you don’t have speak to 5 different people to get the answer you need. We’ve found over 74% of Australians find it extremely frustrating having to deal with an overseas call centre. That’s why we have our customer care team based here in Australia.

The absurd scenarios showcased in the video make the viewer question, why, if we don’t put up with poor service when purchasing a $4 cup of coffee, do we find it acceptable when dealing with some of life’s more important financial decision.

We hope you enjoy the video and thank you for supporting customer-owned banking.



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