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Meet our new CEO


Lexi Airey new CEO Gateway Bank

Lexi Airey joined Gateway four years ago as its chief customer officer, overseeing customer experience, lending and transactional operations, strategic alliances, brand, marketing, sales, product and pricing. Today, she takes up the important role as the new Chief Executive Officer of Gateway Bank. Our team speaks to Lexi to get some insights into the future and to discuss which direction she intends to steer us into looking forward.  

What changes can Members expect to see in the coming months and years at Gateway?

I would like to start by saying how honoured I am to take on this role, and to thank Paul Thomas for his dedication to Gateway over the last 14 years. I have learned a great deal from him and thank him for all of his support and a smooth transition.

I have spent the last four years as Chief Customer Officer working across a large part of Gateway. My focus going forward will continue to be on the customer and people before profits. It is an exciting time as the leadership team morphs with the introduction of our new Chief Financial Officer, Debra Landgrebe, the promotion of Peter Buzek to Chief Technology Officer and my own replacement as Chief Customer Officer, Ritu Sinha.

What was the best financial advice you received growing up?

For me it was less about advice and more a practical lesson in budgeting from my Mum. I had monthly pocket money from an early age, so I learnt quite quickly to not spend it all at once or I would be spending the whole month performing chores to earn more money. It has definitely left its mark on me, I can’t look at my Mum’s brass ornaments now without remembering that I could get 50 pence for cleaning them.

When you’re not navigating through the busy world of finance, where can we find you?

I used to be more adventurous until recently when I bought a converted church in Tasmania and now I spend my time in Bunnings. I have become an expert plaster-boarder over the last few months. The next skill I need to learn is how to stop wallabies munching their way through my garden. Growing up in the UK, it is not a problem I have ever had to deal with before!