Target Market Determinations (TMDs)

A Target Market Determination is a document which describes who a product is appropriate for (ie that product’s target market) and who it might not be suitable for. The document also covers how the product is distributed to customers and the channels through which it is available, such as branch, online or a third party like a mortgage broker.


The document also describes the events or circumstances that would require us to review the TMD for a product to ensure it remains appropriate. Please click on the links below for the TMDs of Gateway’s products.

Information for Third party distributors in relation to Gateway Bank products

Persons or entities who engage in Retail Product Distribution under the Design and Distribution Obligation (DDO) laws must report information outlined in the Target Market Determinations within the specified timeframe to Product Issuers.

If you are looking to report information to Gateway bank as outlined in our product TMDs, you can email us at