Open Banking is part of the Australian Government introduced Consumer Data Right (CDR) and allows customers greater control and access to banking services. From July 2021 customers will be able to give consent to the sharing of their banking data with parties they consider are safe to use. You have control over how your data is used, and to whom it is given.

The information detailed below is for developers only in order to build links between approved institutions, no customer data will be shared, and no customer data can be shared without customer consent.

Products APIs:
Gateway Bank’s Product Application Programming Interface (APIs) enables approved third parties to retrieve product-based information. The APIs are designed to support Australian Consumer Data Standards and cover the following products:
• Transaction and Savings Accounts
• Term Deposits

Gateway Bank will make data for additional products available via Product APIs in line with timeframes specified by Consumer Data Right.

We will keep this page up to date as we offer more Open Banking features.

Please Note:
• These are public APIs and do not require any authentication
• Information on the content and use of APIs can be accessed via the Australian Consumer Data Standards website.

Accessing Product APIs:
For more information related to Product APIs refer to the Australian Consumer Data Standards. Accessing

Product Details APIs:
API URL:{productid}
For more information related to Product Details APIs refer to the Australian Consumer Data Standards.