Gateway Bank is fully committed to Open Banking and we’re working hard to enable our members to consent to share their account & transaction banking data with accredited recipients securely and safely in the coming weeks. The regulatory and technological processes are complex, and involve multiple third parties, which has led to some delays. We expect to be able to offer Open Banking in the coming weeks and we’ll advise Members once it is available.


Open Banking is part of the Australian Government introduced Consumer Data Right (CDR) legislation. Open banking allows sharing of banking information, at member’s will, with trusted third parties. It is designed for members to have greater control of their banking. Members have full control over what data is shared, how their data is used and to whom it is given.

Benefits of open banking include:

  • Enhanced oversight over banking practices enabling members to remain on top of their finances,
  • Comprehensive comparison between financial products driving competition to offer better products/services,
  • Ease in switching products/services among banks,
  • Increased transparency across financial institutions allowing simpler credit applications.

Gateway has launched the Phase 1 of the Open banking regime which involves sharing of product-based information, such as interest rates, fees, features of the product etc. From July 2021, members will be able to consent to securely sharing of their account & transaction banking data with accredited recipients. Member data cannot be shared without member’s consent.

For more information on how Gateway has incorporated Open banking can be found in our CDR Policy. You can access CDR policy by clicking here.

Developer Access

*The information detailed below is for developers only, to build links between approved institutions.
Products APIs:

Gateway Bank’s Product Application Programming Interface (APIs) enables approved third parties to retrieve product-based information. The APIs are designed to support Australian Consumer Data Standards and cover the following products:

  • Transaction Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Term Deposits
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Consumer Loans

Gateway Bank will make data for additional products available via Product APIs in line with timeframes specified by Consumer Data Right. We will keep this page up-to-date as we offer more Open Banking features.

Product APIs:

To access Product APIs click here.

Product Details APIs:

To access product details APIs click here.

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