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At Gateway we can help you with a full range of services including:

Offset Account

Minimise your interest repayments and potentially shorten the overall term of the loan. Available on a variable interest rate home loan, an Offset Account is created and linked directly to your home loan. This account doubles as your everyday savings account, where you have the flexibility to access your money whenever you need it.

Split Home Loan

A Split Home Loan facility allows you to get the best of both worlds by enabling you to fix a portion of your loan, whilst keeping another part variable. Thereby, offering the dual benefit of protecting you against sudden rate rises but also allowing you to take advantage of current low rates. A flexible lender will allow you to choose what portion of your loan you would like to fix and what portion you would like on a variable interest rate. You can split your home loan at any time – during the application process or after funding.

Home Loan Redraw

A handy feature that allows borrowers with variable rate home loans to make additional payments to their loan while simultaneously retaining access to their funds. You can put every dollar into the home loan, with the flexibility to redraw these additional payments when you need it. Like an offset account, the extra repayments also generate an interest reduction on the loan. Plus there are no penalties on additional repayments.

  Get organised:

Ready to make the most out of your home loan? Gateway’s Home Loans offer flexibility and rewards with competitive rates and value packages. You can use our supporting document checklist to help you get organised before you apply and avoid delays.