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Your Home Loan Application Checklist

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It can take time to compile the documents you need to apply for your home loan, so it’s a good idea to set aside time to get these organised. Gateway recommends you supply all the required documents upfront in order to minimise any unexpected delays. 

Use this handy checklist to help you prepare your home loan application. It is important to note that this checklist is only a guide and some information may not apply to you. 

You can print out this checklist to help make it easier. 


Your Identification

If you are new to Gateway we will need your Medicare Card and one of the following identification documents: 

  • Driver’s Licence (must note your current address)
  • Passport

Maybe you don’t have all these documents, that’s okay, there are other acceptable forms of identification like:

  • Proof of Age Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Pension card issued by Centrelink

Your Income

If you are a salary or wage earner, we’ll need:

  • Your last two consecutive payslips which clearly shows
  • Your name
  • Your year-to-date gross and net income
  • Your employer’s name and ABN
  • Your last three months account statements where your salary/wage is being deposited

Alternatively, any two of the following documents will be acceptable:

  • A letter from your employer on company letterhead that contains details of your gross annual income, breakdown of your salary package, position name, length of employment and the basis of employment (full time, part time or casual)
  • Signed and accepted Employment Contract
  • Full Personal Tax return for last financial year with Notice of Tax Assessment
  • Most recent PAYG payment summary

If you are self-employed, we’ll need:

  • Business Financial Statements and Business Tax Returns for the last two years (most recent cannot be older than 18 months)
  • Personal Tax Returns with corresponding Notice of Tax Assessments for the last two years (most recent cannot be older than 18 months)
  • Most recent statement for each business liability (cannot be older than 6 months)

If you get rental income, we’ll need one of the following:

  • A letter from a real estate agent indicating the anticipated rental income (for new property purchases)
  • A copy of the current executed Tenancy Agreement (for an existing rental property)
  • Three consecutive months Rental Statements (for an existing rental property)
  • A letter from the Managing Agent indicating how long they have managed the property, the length of time the current tenant has been in and the rental income being received (for an existing rental property)

If you get Government payments, we’ll need

  • A letter from Centrelink detailing your current entitlements

If you get commission or bonuses, we’ll need one of the following:

  • Details from your employer confirming payments received over the last two years
  • Your last two PAYG payments summaries

If you get managed superannuation income, we’ll need:

  • A statement or letter from the fund provider (no older than 12 months)
  • Latest bank statement showing regular income from the fund over the last 3 months

If you get Self-Managed Superannuation income, we’ll need:

  • Latest audited financial statements (including profit and loss and balance sheet) and tax returns for the fund. If the financial statements are more than 9 months old then interim figures will be required
  • Verifying documents demonstrating the assets held by the fund. For example, bank account statements in relation to cash holdings, share statements or rates notices for rental income

Your Deposits/Savings

If your savings or investments are being used for the purchase and are held outside of Gateway, we’ll need:

  • Bank statements or evidence of funds held in your name for the last 3 months

Your Loan Purpose

If you are refinancing your loans, we’ll need:

  • Six months of statements for your home/investment loan or line of credit
  • Three months of statements for any personal loans, credit cards or other fixed repayment loans
  • Your most recent Council Rates Notice

If you are purchasing a new property or vacant land, we’ll need:

  • A contract for Sale (Offer of Acceptance in WA)
  • Your solicitor/conveyancer’s details (name, address and phone number)

If you are borrowing to pay out a joint owner, we’ll need:

  • A letter from your solicitor stating the amount required to pay out the other person
  • Relevant Court Orders that are to be complied with

If you are borrowing to construct/renovate a residential property, we’ll need:

  • Council approved building plans, specification or Building Permit
  • Fixed price building or construction contract

Other Important Information

  • You will need to be able to detail your monthly costs of living, including expenses such as groceries, clothing, education, healthcare, transport and utilities
  • If you have other continuing loans or credit cards not being refinanced, we will need you to provide a current statement for each account held outside of Gateway
  • If you have insurance on the property to be used as security we’ll need to sight the current policy

If you need help with your application, call Gateway on 1300 302 474 to speak with one of our dedicated Lending Consultants (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday).