Our Premium Package Fixed Home Loan offers you the certainty of a fixed rate to help you plan for the future. A competitive rate for the life of your loan combined with a range of special features to give you security and flexibility, all rolled into one package.


Nothing in life is certain but being able to plan for the future can help you prepare for life’s hiccups without blowing your budget. You can choose from a 1 year, 2 year, 3 year or 5 year fixed rate term, with the flexibility to choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly. With the option to make unlimited additional payments without penalty, you can organise your Fixed Rate Home Loan the way that suits you and your lifestyle without the fear of variable interest rate increases.


Unsure whether to opt for the flexibility of a variable rate loan or the certainty of a fixed-rate? Consider splitting your loan to get the best of both worlds. A split home loan gives you the option to have a fixed rate for a portion of your loan, and a variable rate for the balance. For example, a $500,000 home loan split with a ratio of 60:40 fixed to variable would give you $300,000 at a fixed rate and the remaining $200,000 with a variable rate. At the end of the fixed-rate period you can choose to split again or move to 100% fixed or 100% variable.


What is a rate lock?

Even for fixed rate loans, the rate can move between the time you apply and when the loan is funded. This means the interest rate could change, either up or down. When the loan is funded you’ll be locked into that rate for the term of the fixed rate period. If interest rates have fallen you’ll benefit from the change, however, if rates have increased, both the interest on your loan and your repayments will also increase.


Rate lock provides an option which secures the fixed rate at the time of application instead of settlement, providing you with peace of mind and knowledge that your interest rate will not rise provided the loan settles within 90 days. You will still benefit from a lower rate if interest rates fall. This can be particularly appealing when interest rates are volatile. For more information speak to one of our team.


Want to apply for a Gateway Premium Package Fixed Home Loan online? You’ll need the following documents to complete and submit the application:

  • The details of the property you wish to purchase
  • Your living expense figures
  • Details of your assets, income and liabilities
  • Statements for the last 3 months for your assets & liabilities
  • Your last 2 payslips or evidence of income statements

Want to know more?

Product Features:

Home Loans
Establishment Fee : 0
Valuation Fee : $0
Annual Fee : $299
Monthly Fee : $0
Discharge Fee : $300
Fixed Rate Loan Break Fee : Yes
Offset Account : Offset not available on fixed loans
Loan Repayment Insurance : No
Additional Repayments Accepted : Yes
Additional Repayments Fee : $0
ATM/EFTPOS Access : No
Branch Access : Yes
Split Loans : Yes

Having trouble deciding what's right for you?

Use our comparison tool to help find the best home loan for you.

Gateway reserves the right to vary these interest rates at any time. Interest rates quoted are for new lending only. Existing borrowers should contact Gateway to discuss their requirements. Applications for finance are subject to our standard credit assessment criteria. Full terms and conditions are included in the loan offer. Fees and charges apply.

Comparison rates are calculated based on a loan amount of $150,000 over a 25-year term. WARNING: Comparison rates are true only for the example given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

^An Annual Fee $299 applies to all Premium Package Home Loans

*Requests for Rate Lock are valid for 90 days and subject to approval. The Rate Lock fee is 0.15% of the locked loan amount and payable when submitting the rate lock application form.


  • 1 Premium Package Fixed Rate Home Loans revert to the Premium Package Index Rate A/Investment Premium Package Index Rate A upon expiry of fixed rate term.
  • 2 Applies to standard single residential dwellings to $1 million in Metro locations and $500,000 in Regional locations (maximum land area 2.2ha/5 acres). An additional valuation fee may apply for non-standard properties
  • 3 A loan can be split up to 2 loan accounts without cost. Fees apply thereafter.