In a household of two or more generations living together under the one roof, it’s tricky to keep everyone happy. A good solution is to look at your own backyard. If the space permits then building a granny flat, that can comfortably house one of those generations, may be your solution!


The great thing about building a granny flat is that each generation can enjoy the benefits of living as an extended family, whilst having some privacy. It can also minimise expenses for ageing members of the family by replacing an aged care facility with a custom-built granny flat. In some Australian states, homeowners can monetise this secondary dwelling, choosing to rent out the granny flat to paying tenants.

Whatever your reasons, we know that building a granny flat is not always easy - that’s why we’ve chosen to simplify the finance process. Speak to us today about our flexible finance options that have been purpose built to help you achieve your granny flat dreams.