Buy Nothing New Month

Would you like to join us this October, as we pledge to Buy Nothing New?

Buy Nothing New Month is a global movement for collective, conscientious consumption.

It is a movement that started in Melbourne, by Tamara DiMattina, with a one-month challenge to buy nothing new (with the exception of essential items, such as food, hygiene products and medicines).

In line with Gateway's purpose, the employees of Gateway Bank are taking on the challenge to Buy Nothing New this October and we'd love for you to join us.

When it comes to conscientious consumption, a good starting point is asking yourself if you really need it and if you do, can you borrow, rent or buy it second-hand? Buying used goods are less expensive and they don't require new resources or energy to create them, they don't generate pollution and they support the local economy. According to the August 2020 Gumtree Second Hand Economy Report, the second hand economy is now worth $46billion in Australia, and buy buying off second-hand marketplaces means you're helping to circulate money in your local community and stimulate the Australian economy.


Why is Buy Nothing New Month so important?

As humans, we have a responsibility to start thinking about how we contribute to the future of our planet. The idea behind Buy Nothing New Month, is to think about the finite resources used to create something new, and where our products end up when we are finished using them (often landfill).

Buy Nothing New Month can help us set the foundations for conscious buying behaviours, and encourages us to become more resourceful by considering how we can reduce, reuse and repurpose - key principals that we are always trying to adopt here at Gateway Bank.

It’s not only good for our Planet, but good for our Pocket.

Join us this October and learn more about ways you can Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose.

The Gateway Team