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What if your café was run by a big bank?

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When it comes to banking, our priority is the relationship and customer-experience we offer to our Members. That's why more Australians are making the switch to customer-owned banks, like Gateway.

However, not all banks are created equal and not all 'big-banks' can emulate the personalised service offered by customer-owned alternatives.  

What if your café was run by a big bank? 


Why choose Gateway Bank? 

  • Gateway is a customer-owned bank that puts you, the customer, first. 
  • You speak to the same person, who'll look after you each and every time.
  • Our loan applications are assessed by a human, not a computer.
  • 100% of profits are used to benefit you, the customer.
  • We have market leading customer satisfaction, sitting at 87%.
  • We have all the same government guarantees as the big banks.

Who is Gateway Bank? 

Gateway helps Australians create a more stable and prosperous financial future by providing award-winning finance options. Our Members are our shareholders, meaning we're focused on providing you better quality products, at more affordable prices. That's why more Australians are starting to choose customer-owned banks.

When it comes to the most important financial decisions in life, we're here to make your banking experience simple. And we've got the proof to back it up. With over 30,000 Members Australia wide, Gateway Bank has been helping people financially to achieve their hopes and dreams for over 60 years. 

At Gateway Bank, we’re proud to be small and we’re as human as you are. We boast an overall customer satisfaction rating of 87%, our loan applications are assessed by humans, not a computer and our members love to recommend us to their family & friends.

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