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50 Sheds of Grey

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Fifty ways to use your shed

Thanks to a rising trend in creative sheds, your shed doesn’t have to be a mess of old tools and Christmas decorations anymore. 

With a little bit of thought and effort, you can maximise your property space and turn it into something truly valuable. We’ve done the research on every conceivable use for a shed to help get you inspired to make your own creative shed.

50 different uses for sheds:

  1. She-Shed

    We’ve all heard about Man Caves but did you know that She-Sheds are taking over? The trend has seen women world-wide take to the garden to make their own beautiful mini-getaways in the comfort of their own backyard. 
  2. Home gym

    Stay fit without overwhelming the rest of your house with a cool and useful gym shed! 
  3. Home office

    Get a little peace and quiet in the privacy of your own personal home office in a shed. 
  4. Pet home

    Show your pets some love with their own mini house – this rabbit home is the perfect way to keep the house and garden clean while having all the benefits of furry companions. 
  5. Kid's Playhouse

    Who didn’t love playing house growing up? Give your kids a little piece of independence with their own playhouse. 
  6. Outhouse

    Skip the morning queue with this fun and practical idea – connect your shed to the sewage system or save some money with a composting eco-toilet.  
  7. Teahouse 

    Relax, sip tea, and feel just a little bit fancy in a shed fit for the queen. 
  8. Mini-museum

    Did you know there is a whole world of mini-museums made from repurposed sheds? The Eggporium is home to a range of bird memorabilia. If you have a quirky hobby or collection, join the mini-museum movement and deck out your shed to spread the love.
  9. Pool shed

    Got a pool? You’ll need a shed for the maintenance tools alone, but have you considered a pool lounge shed? 
  10. Beach house

    Bring the beach to you with a cool coastal inspired garden, complete with your own little beach hut. 
  11. Hobby shed 

    Got a hobby that takes up a little bit of space? Take it to the shed. You get to display the things you love, without cluttering your home. 
  12. Workshop

    For the professional craftsman or the DIY obsessed, a dedicated workshop will make your projects easy.
  13. Bin shed
    Waste disposal isn’t the sexiest topic, but a bin shed is an optimal way to get rubbish out of your home and make taking out the trash a breeze. 
  14. Gardening shed
    Classic, simple, and straight to the point – do what sheds do best, and use it as a gardening centre. 
  15. Green house
    Go a step beyond the status quo and turn your shed into a greenhouse plant nursery – this one was converted by replacing wooden panels with glass. 
  16. Toy barn

    Say goodbye to tripping over toys in the hallway and hello to a toy storage barn. 
  17. Study shed

    No one enjoys homework stress but a cosy nook to call their own could be the difference your teenager needs to get them through exam time. 
  18. Coffee shop

    Set up your own personalised café by giving your shed a lick of fresh paint, some cosy armchairs, and a coffee bar like this one.  Hot coffee, peace and quiet, and no waiting in line sounds like heaven to us. 
  19. Barber shop

    Are you a whizz with the clippers? Keep you and your friends looking good with your own private barber in the backyard. Okay, this one is a little bit niche, but if you have the skills…
  20. Craft shop

    Craft lovers no longer need to despair over the state of their spare room – this crafty little shed is a great way to keep your stuff neat and organised (and keep your things safe from little hands and paws). 
  21. Games room

    Joey and Chandler’s foosball table was iconic, but not everyone can rock the look. Set up your own games room in the shed to save some space indoors – whether it’s darts, a pool table, or just some classic board games.  
  22. Storage building

    The trick here is organisation! Don’t throw things haphazardly into the shed to forget about until you move out, invest in some shelving and containers, and you can double the storage space of your home with relatively little overhead.
  23. Chemical storage

    A practical solution, especially if you have children or pets. Keeping harmful chemicals in your house is a risk, so if you’re able to, putting them in the shed is a good idea.
  24. Meditation room

    What could be better than practicing mindfulness in your own meditation room?
  25. Conservatory

    One woman’s husband renovated the garden shed into this luxe little conservatory as a wedding gift – we can see why she married him.
  26. Dog wash

    Anyone with a dog knows that washing day means mess and a sore back but you could say goodbye to all that with a specially purposed shed. Fit it out with a basin and hook up the hose and you and your dog will both be grateful. 
  27. Wood storage

    If you have a fireplace you’ll need a safe and dry place to stock up on firewood for the winter, why not make use of the garden shed? Simply remove some panels to allow for ventilation, make sure the roof is waterproof to keep the wood dry, and you have yourself the perfect storage solution.
  28. Guesthouse

    Who says a guest room has to cost a fortune? Upgrade your shed to get the most out of your property space. 
  29. Mini Cathedral

    Did you know that a Cathedral is defined by the presence of a cathedra and not it’s size? The Priory Chapel and Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Beaulieu, was repurposed in 2012 to become a tiny Cathedral. It might be a bit ambitious for your every day shed, but it sure is impressive.
  30. Library

    Okay, this one is actually a tiny travelling book store but there’s no reason your shed couldn’t do the same thing! All avid readers know that book storage can become a problem – not if you tidy up the shed, add in some shelving, and a comfy seat though. 
  31. Art studio

    Who could help but feel inspired with their very own creative studio in the sanctuary of their own garden?
  32. Bathhouse
    One Kind Design
    This spa house is the result of a shed conversion – and the results speak for themselves. Live in luxury with your own private bath house.
  33. Dining room

    Impress everyone with your outdoor dining nook, just like this repurposed shed. Not only is it beautiful, but it also weather-proofs all your furniture which is a plus!
  34. Bike storage

    Motorbikes or BMX – it doesn’t matter what type of bike-enthusiast you are to consider converting your old garden shed into a sweet purpose-built garage
  35. Observatory

    Add a telescope and star charts to your shed, and you’ve got a wonderful new observatory.
  36. Second lounge

    Expand the living space and upgrade your shed to a second lounge. 
  37. Home cinema

    Tiny homes are interesting, but a tiny cinema is even better! Torri Cinemas specialises in disguising tiny cinemas as sheds – definitely worth a look for any movie buff. 
  38. Outdoor bar

    Invite your friends around to the local – your backyard. 
  39. Holiday home

    We reckon that taking a vacation to the backyard would be a dream if the shed was this nice. 
  40. Music room

    Whether your up-and-coming punk band needs a place to rock or your child is taking up the recorder, a sound proofed shed will keep the whole neighbourhood happy. 
  41. Yoga room

    The ultimate yoga retreat in your own backyard.
  42. Green shed

    Living in a crowded city can feel like living in a concrete jungle, but luckily with the help of a green roof you can get a little piece of serenity, and do good for the environment too. 
  43. Walk-in wardrobe
    Source: Beth Singer Photographer, Inc.
    You don’t need to be a fashionista to run out of closet space – but luckily if you have a shed there is a solution. An outdoor closet is a charming way to save on clothing storage space.
  44. Portable living shed
     Shed Working
    A shed or a portable home? Why not both? 
  45. Animal Shelter
    Ailie Hill, Hedgehog Hospital 
    A woman renovated her old garden shed into Pricklebums, a hospital for injured or abandoned hedgehogs. We think she’s done a spectacular job! If you think this is cute, check out The Inshriach Duck Hotel too. 
  46. Boathouse
    Sea Breeze Australia
    Like to boat…got a shed? Well, we have the solution for you. 
  47. Backyard entertainment
    Copper Stone Landscaping
    Even a tiny shed can find a new purpose – like an outdoor entertaining unit. 
  48. Outdoor shower
    Morgan Smallbones Outdoor Shower Shed
    Taking in nature, skipping the morning rush, perfect. 
  49. Beauty Salaon

    With great beauty comes great amounts of makeup. Save space in the bathroom and turn your shed into your own little glam room. 
  50. Man Cave
    Modern Shed's Man Shed
    Need a place to store all your man things? Turn the shed into your very own man-cave. 

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