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‘Tis the season for festive flicks and finance

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Find out what your favourite Christmas movie says about your money outlook.

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re getting into the festive spirit by watching all our favourite feel-good holiday flicks. As we make our way through the list, we begin to realise…our favourite Christmas movies can actually tell us a lot about our relationship with money. Go figure!

See what you think, do you agree?

  1. Home Alone

If Home Alone sparks a serious nostalgia and sits on your Christmas movie re-run list every year, it’s probably safe to say, like Kevin McCallister, you have a penchant for hijinks. And this translates into your finances. You’re a regular money maverick, with the ability to work smart with your money. You’re able to squirrel away savings here and there when you need it, and make your budget stretch far in difficult times. Making a financial plan and avoiding money pitfalls is a speciality for you. But that doesn’t mean you like to play it safe. In fact, risky investments with a big payoff is what you live for.

  1. The Santa Clause

You love this movie, because let’s face it you still believe in magic! Your somewhat naïve outlook is reflected in your immaculate financial approach. You are across every detail of your assets and accounts, and your ability to budget and save regularly puts you at the top of Santa’s nice list. You rarely make risky decisions with your money and like to do your due diligence before spending, especially for larger purchases. You know the difference between a ‘need’ and a ‘want’ and always adjust your spending based on this.

  1. Elf

This endearing fish-out-of-water story appeals to your inner optimist. Your positive and giddy nature tends to view money matters as boring. As such, you take an indifferent attitude with your finances – preferring to take an easy-going approach. You aren’t overly strict with your spending or budgeting, and can be prone to impulse purchases simply for the thrill of it.

  1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The series of haphazard events that see the Griswold’s unable to catch a break, resonates with you. You are prone to clumsiness and often come up against challenging situations. As such, your approach to money is all about planning for the worst. You are frugal with your spending, choosing to siphon off every spare cent to your savings. You especially like potentially safe investments like property, term deposits and bonds.

  1. Love Actually

You’re a sucker for love and put your family and friends first. Therefore, to you, money is simply a requirement of survival. As long as you have enough to be comfortable, you’re happy. You’re generous with your cash when it comes to your loved ones. The gift of giving is what it’s all about for you. While your generosity makes you a hit, it makes it hard to save and stick to a budget. 

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