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Christmas parody 2018

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’Tis the week before Christmas and all through the land,
Excitement is building, for a season so grand.
Santa is coming, and the stockings are hung,
They’re filled with gifts, surprises for the young.

But retailers are not nestled all snug in their beds,
There’s last minute shopping for food and threads.
Stores of frazzled consumers rushing to buy,
When it’s all over, there’ll be a collective sigh.

Away from the malls there’s an even bigger clatter,
From the White House we hear undecipherable chatter.
The president’s in a bad mood, he’s certainly not jolly,
Yet another jibe at fake news, what a folly.

Trump is an enigma, not made of sugar and spice,
St Nick knows the president’s been naughty, not nice.
In this season of goodwill, we can hope for better behaviour,
But “The Donald” is unlikely to be revered as a saviour.

The president’s rantings and ravings will continue amuck,
About the feelings of others, he doesn’t give a #@!*.
A monumental narcissist who needs admiration,
Trump’s toxic ideology has split a great nation.

Now Congress! now Republicans! now Law-enforces, and others,
When will you be brave enough to have your druthers?
What will be the final straw that makes you speak out?
You are in the box seat and have much clout.

Britain too experienced political unrest,
In a year in which Brexit put Theresa May to the test.
Europe’s UK friendship is on the line,
A win-win outcome will let each party shine.

Australia also experienced political machination,
The ousting of Malcom Turnbull causing electoral damnation.
Scott Morrison emerged as the new prime minister,
His priority now, to ensure behaviour less sinister.

Meanwhile, China continues to gain wealth and prominence,
Forging an expansionist geopolitical path to global dominance.
While the rest of the planet quarrels to the point of disorder,
China is doggedly reshaping the world beyond its border.

China’s pull is rebalancing political and economic alliances,
Helped by a massive infrastructure program, and engineering sciences.
A growing web of Chinese funded trade routes is connecting the Earth,
Creating the world’s largest economic platform, expanding China’s girth.

Amid all the serious issues and challenges the world had to face,
Requiring Kleenex to scrap the label “man-size” on its tissues was a disgrace.
The offending description was changed to gender neutral “extra-large”,
Will upsetting the growing army of PC nuts one day lead to a criminal charge?

Peace on Earth remains as elusive as ever,
People and nations find it hard to live together.
From North Korea to Afghanistan conflict abounds,
With guns and bombs and other horrible sounds.

Our focus now should be on our nearest and dearest,
For it is those around us who see us clearest.
As we deck the halls for those who visit,
We reflect on life and the festive spirit.

As I sign off for Christmas I thank each and every Member,
It’s been a pleasure to serve you, right through to December.
May the joy of the season fill your home on Christmas Day,
As we smile and gently whisper “Merry Christmas” from Gateway.

FOOTNOTE: This is my final post for the year. I hope that I’ve kept you informed and entertained during 2018. I’m taking a short break from my blogging duties and will be back on-line on Tuesday, 29 January 2019. Have a great New Year.

Paul J. Thomas, CEO


avatar Steve Fitts
Merry Christmas Paul and thanks for making PTID's year so enjoyable.
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