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Holiday time

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We are creatures of habit. We settle into patterns of behaviour and create routines around those behaviours. We eat the same breakfast, take the same route to work and sit at the same place at the dinner table. We find comfort in predictability. The fabric of life here at Gateway includes my weekly blog.

Every Monday by 10am (Sydney time), my blog is updated with a new post for your reading pleasure. Well, from next Monday* there will be a slightly different routine. The Doubting Thomas blog will still be updated weekly, but not by me - I’m off on annual leave later this week.

Regular readers know that my wife and I normally take a break each August. We cross the equator and head north for the northern summer. Our annual European sojourn doubles as a family catch-up. At any stage, there is at least one of our adult children living and working overseas.

This year it was our intention to take our Australian domiciled children and grandchildren to London in July for a big family reunion to coincide with my 60th birthday. However, despite our best endeavours, it proved impossible to find one date that was suitable to everyone.

So, Plan B was put into action. This will see the family rendezvous in Sydney later this week. Bev and I have not been tourists in Sydney for a long time so we are looking forward to holidaying in familiar territory where we won’t need to consult tourist maps.

While I’m enjoying time with my family, life will go on as normal at Gateway including this blog. To this end, I’ve invited three financial services experts (who also happen to be Gateway directors) to act as guest bloggers during my absence. Each will provide an insightful opinion piece relevant to Gateway members. Here’s the batting order.


Catherine Hallinan will lead the charge and her blog post will be published on Tuesday, 3 October. Catherine is the Chairman of Gateway Bank. Prior to becoming a full-time non-executive director, she enjoyed a long and successful career in the financial services sector in the interconnected worlds of institutional banking, insurance and wealth management. She currently sits on the Board of HCF Life Limited, Lawcover and St. Catherine’s Aged Care Services. Catherine is the engine behind Gateway helping members manage their finances and achieving a lifetime of financial well-being. She’s been a proud member of Gateway for over 40 years.


Following Catherine will be Steven Carritt and you can read his post from Monday, 9 October. Steven is a director of Gateway Bank and is currently the Convenor of the Risk Committee. He is also a past Chairman and Deputy Chairman and passionately believes in the mutual banking sector and the role it plays in the Australian banking system. Steven was a career banker who notched up a track record of success in every senior leadership position he occupied. He spent 38 years in the Commonwealth Bank with over 20 of those devoted to treasury management.

Last to step up to the plate will be Robyn FitzRoy and she will share her thoughts with us in a post to be published on Monday, 16 October. Robyn joined the Gateway board in January 2015, bringing specific expertise in corporate governance. She is also a non-executive director of the Self-Managed Super Funds Association. She has over twenty years’ experience in the financial services industry. For relaxation, Robyn and her beloved Boston Terrier, Mojo, can often be found engaged in a vigorous game of ball throwing and retrieving in various Balmain parks.

I have told Catherine, Steven and Robyn that as guest bloggers they can offer ideas, analysis or opinions on any topic of their choosing. I am confident that, as thought leaders, each will provide a conversational yet authoritative voice to the blog. I just hope they’re not too good as I would like to retain my role as Gateway’s Chief Blogging Officer!

I’ll be back online on Monday, 23 October.

* Actually, it’s next Tuesday as Monday is a public holiday.



Paul J. Thomas, CEO


avatar Greg Diment
Paul have a great holiday. It is also a great opportunity for us to see some of the other highly credentialed people that surround you at work. Their qualifications seem enormous so I look forward to their blogs.
avatar Des Tubridy
Paul, I hope you will have a great family reunion and enjoy your break. Have enjoyed the learning in the regular Bite Size blogs. Thank you.

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