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Christmas parody 2016

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‘Tis the week before Christmas in a year of unrest,
The tumultuous political climate put us all to the test.
Around the world there were populist uprisings,
These winds of change brought little glad tidings. 

Voters are not nestled and snug in their beds, 
Political reprisals are going around in their heads.
Many feel neglected and blame democracy,
Our elected leaders are accused of hypocrisy.

Citizens were attracted to a new type of politician,
One that was offensive, not a refined tactician.
They arrived on the scene with such a clatter,
Our beliefs about decency, they did shatter.

Chief among the fear-mongers was Donald J. Trump,
Brash and unconventional, he gave the system a thump.
To the dismay of many, he won the backing of the majority,
The question now is how he’ll discharge his authority.

That so many supported Trump astounded his detractors,
An improbable candidate due to so many factors.
He left a great nation divided and bitter,
While the world watched aghast, he resorted to Twitter.

Meanwhile Britain too lacked political contentment,
The decision to leave the EU created much resentment.
Londoners rallied against the Brexit outcome,
Among the concerns, a fall in national income.

Not to be forgotten amid the global political tension,
Was the rise in Australia of voter apprehension.
With a fractious senate and a parliament divided,
In the Land of Oz, politicians were also chided.

Now Donald, Now Hillary, Now Barack and sundry,
What’s needed is authentic leadership for your country.
Adversarial politics has undermined democracy,
Voters crave foresight and vision, not bureaucracy.

The prancing and dancing that has characterised debate,
Must give way to a narrative that does not fuel hate.
While politicians aren’t made of sugar and spice,
In this season of goodwill, they should try to be nice.

Peace on Earth remains as elusive as ever,
People and nations find it hard to live together.
The death and destruction that is the Syrian bloodbath,
Is yet another example of humanity’s sad path.

Other war zones and hot spots are just as confronting,
They bear witness to behaviour that is affronting.
If St Nicholas could really weave some magic,
I’d ask him to make the world less tragic.

When we look ahead to 2017,
More seismic shifts can be seen.
Our journey to the far-right is not yet over,
It’s reshaping the landscape like a bulldozer.

Our focus now should be on our nearest and dearest,
For it is those around us who see us clearest.
As we deck the halls for those who visit,
We reflect on life and the festive spirit.

As I sign off for Christmas I thank each and every Member,
It’s been a pleasure to serve you, right through to December.
May the joy of the season fill your home on Christmas Day,
As we smile and gently whisper “Merry Christmas” from Gateway.

FOOTNOTE: This is my final post for the year. I hope I’ve kept you informed and entertained during 2016. I’m taking a short break from blogging and will be back on-line on Monday, 30 January 2017. Have a great New Year.


Paul J. Thomas, CEO


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