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Book launch

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Regular readers of this blog know that I like writing and have a thirst for knowledge. I enjoy sharing with others what I have learned which is why I am today releasing the final volume in a trilogy of books with the generic title, Bite Size Advice. Like volumes 1 and 2, Bite Size Advice 3 traverses familiar territory.

All three works are punctuated by four common thematic chapters  Political, Economic, Social and Technological. These thematic elements collectively represent a PEST analysis - a tool used by businesses to assess threats and opportunities. For ten years, I have used the PEST framework to categorise the blog posts that I have written as CEO of Gateway.

I have published more than 450 online posts since I began blogging in March 2008. Bite Size Advice (1) featured 100 of these posts. Bite Size Advice 2 showcased a further 100 posts. My latest book, Bite Size Advice 3, gathers an additional 65 posts. The complete set bookends a tumultuous decade that began shortly before the Global Financial Crisis.

The blog posts contained in all three books are wide in sweep and bring readers face-to-face with the issues that are shaping politics, impacting economies, transforming societies and driving technology. This multidisciplinary lens provides fresh perspectives on the interplay between a range of PEST issues that are of national and international significance.

In today’s world of time constraints and information overload, staying up-to-date can be challenging which is why Bite Size Advice 3 is ideal for the time-starved reader. It delivers informed advice in bite size chunks. This one volume is a business book, an educational book and a general knowledge book. Readers will discover concise answers to important questions:

  • WHY have populist movements flourished?
  • WILL robots take over the world?
  • SHOULD a universal basic income be introduced?
  • ARE algorithms secretly running our lives?
  • HAS Australia become a nanny state?
  • HOW do we tackle rampant consumerism?

In 65 short bursts, Bite Size Advice 3 answers these and other contemporary questions. Each blog post is akin to a brief essay. None of the blog posts is more than five pages in length and all can be read within five minutes. The posts are designed to make you think as they tangle and weave through disparate but connected topics.

By joining the dots, you will hopefully gain a helicopter view of where individual disciplines intersect and overlap. And by cross-pollinating ideas from a range of fields, you will be able to make new connections and see more creative solutions to contemporary problems.

While the doubting Thomas blog has now spawned three books, they are independent works. Bite Size Advice 3 can be read without the need to read Bite Size Advice (1) or Bite Size Advice 2. It will take a few weeks for the latest book to find its way into bookstores, however, advance copies are available on-line. (CLICK HERE to obtain your copy.)

A book is rarely the work of one individual and Bite Size Advice 3 is no exception. In the book I acknowledge the four individuals who were most instrumental in helping me turn the blogs into published books. Beyond this “gang of four”, I extend my heartfelt thanks to my regular readers. Without you, there would be no blog and therefore no books.

Many of you religiously click on each week to read my latest utterances. I know that some readers have followed my blog since its inception in March 2008. Regardless as to whether you are a regular follower or a casual visitor, you have all helped increase traffic to the blog site.

Thank you for putting up with my self-publicity this week. My preference would be for someone else to exclusively promote the book. However, given our mega-buck launch budget (he says with tongue firmly planted in cheek!), I’m also the publicist and part-time literary agent. It’s great wearing many hats!

Paul J. Thomas, CEO


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