Making International Payments

A Telegraphic Transfer (TT) (also known as a 'Wire') is a way of transferring funds electronically directly into an overseas account.

Telegraphic transfers are the most efficient method of sending funds abroad (usually takes one to three business days) and are often the most cost-effective option.

Gateway Bank has partnered with American Express to enable our members to send funds overseas in the quickest and most convenient manner.

Important: Telegraphic transfers are sent via an intermediary bank which sometimes levy a small handling charge on your payment. Any such fees are totally out of Gateway Bank and American Express' control. Given that a network of banks is used to complete your telegraphic transfer, the time it takes for your payment to be credited cannot be guaranteed.

Arrange a Telegraphic Transfer

  • You will need to provide full details of the receiver’s bank account, including their IBAN (International Bank Account Number) if they are in Europe.
  • To comply with Australian Government regulations, you must also provide the beneficiary’s full street address.
  • If you have decided that a TT is the payment method for you, complete a Telegraphic Transfer Form


Things to remember

  • If you send a telegraphic transfer in Australian currency the fee can be higher.
  • No symbols can be used in the beneficiary name (e.g. “&”, “/” etc)
  • Paying by credit card may actually increase the cost of your international bills.
  • When paying by credit card it may be difficult to find out how much it will cost you when the foreign exchange rate and other fees are applied to your transaction by the correspondent banks.

Important information:

Gateway Bank provides foreign currency services through American Express International, Inc. ABN 15 000 618 208, AFSL 237996) Incorporated with Limited Liability in Delaware USA ® Registered Trademark of American Express Company. The Bank receives commissions when you take out or use these foreign currency services

This information has been prepared without taking into account your objectives and financial situation or needs. Before making any decision to acquire the product, please refer to the relevant American Express Product Disclosure Statement for Telegraphic Transfers, American Express Target Market Determination and the Gateway Bank Financial Services Guide. You should request an American Express Financial Services Guide from American Express.

Terms and Conditions along with Point of Sale Fees and Charges apply for foreign currency services.