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Point of Sale Fees

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Services and Fees

Statement of Account


Payable for a copy of a list of transactions or to reissue account statements

$2 per page

Retrieval of Documents 


Payable when you request any document/s we have to retrieve from our files, computer systems or archives

$30 per hour


$2 per page

Savings Account Payment Services

Retrieval of Documents 


Withdrawal Transaction Fee for staff assisted transactions 

Cheque $5
Transfer $5

Corporate (Credit Union) Cheque - Over the counter or mailed 

$5 per cheque

BPAY® Payment (staff assisted)

$5 per payment 

BPay® Trace 1

$20 per transaction 

BPay® Error Correction 1


Direct Entry/EFT Trace 1


Direct Entry/EFT Recall 1


Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) (same day EFT) 


International Payment Services

Telegraphic Transfers


Telegraphic Transfer (in foreign currency) 2


Telegraphic Transfer (in Australian dollars) 2


Amendment/Cancellation of Telegraphic Transfer


Telegraphic Transfer fee (inward) 3

At cost charged by receiving bank in Australia 

Overseas Drafts 


Draft (in foreign currency) 


Draft (in Australian Dollars)


Foreign Exchange (Encashment)


Travellers Cheques (in foreign currency) 4


Foreign Cheques 4


Investigation/Inquiry Service


Investigation (for a non-AMEX error)


Draft Status Inquiry


Stop Payment (for Draft or TT)


Reissue of Draft


Foriegn Currency


Foreign Currency Conversion Fee 

2% of the value of the transaction


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Important information:

1. Fee refunded if there is evidence of gateway error

2. Foreign Banks may also charge fees for processing the transaction. The fee will be deducted from the amount being transferred.

3. Where funds are received via telegraphic transfer for credit to your Gateway account, the receiving bank in Australia may charge a fee which will be deducted from the amount of transferred funds

4. A 45 day clearance time applies