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Code of Practice

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Over 4 million Australians are members of mutual banks and building societies.

We meet the same regulatory standards as banks and are prudent and strong financial service providers.

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What is the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice?

The Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice (previously known as the Mutual Banking Code of Practice) commenced on 1 July 2009 and is a voluntary code of practice for Australia’s credit unions, mutual banks and building societies. The aim of the Code is to ensure subscribing organisations are fair and ethical when dealing with their customers. As part of our ongoing commitment to our Members, Gateway is pleased to have subscribed to the Code. In doing so, we strive to ensure that our products and services are easy to understand and that we always behave in a fair and ethical manner.

Our 10 key promises to Gateway Customers

  1. We will be fair and ethical in our dealings with you
  2. We will focus on our customers
  3. We will give you clear information about our products and services
  4. We will be responsible lenders
  5. We will deliver high customer service and standards
  6. We will deal fairly with any complaints
  7. We will recognise member rights as owners
  8. We will comply with our legal and industry obligations
  9. We will recognise our impact on the wider community
  10. We will support and promote this Code of Practice

Code Compliance Committee (CCC)

The CCC also investigates member complaints that the Code has been breached. If you believe that we have breached the Code, you can make a complaint to us.

If we are not able to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, and the complaint does not involve a claim that you have suffered loss or detriment, you can report your complaint to the Code Compliance Committee:

By phone - 1800 367 287

By mail - PO Box 14240, Melbourne VIC 8001

Online - Code Compliance Committee Mutuals

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