Urgent Scam Warning

The ACCC have advised of a significant increase in scams targeting consumers in order to infect mobile phones with malware that enables the scammers to read and send messages from that phone. This can enable them to access internet and mobile banking passwords and take control bank accounts.

These scams tend to take the form of a text message regarding voicemail messages, missed phone calls and delivery information. Clicking the link may prompt you to download an App. Installing the software is likely to give scammers access to your passwords and accounts.

It will also send messages to the numbers it steals from your phone, continuing and expanding the scam.

Some examples of the messages can be seen below:


Please ensure you remain vigilant with regard to links and text messages sent to your phone and do not click on any link unless you’re absolutely confident of the source of the message.

If you think you might have been impacted by one of these scams please contact us immediately and report the event to www.cyber.gov.au. You should also seek professional advice on how to clean your device.

For further information on this scam please visit Missed delivery, call or voicemail (Flubot) scams.

Ensure you keep up to date with the latest scams by regularly checking the Scamwatch website.

For more information about scams and how to protect your accounts, please see the Gateway Protecting Yourself From Scams page.