Merry Thrift-mas


All we want for Christmas is… something we actually want.


Did you know that last Christmas, Australians spent over $400 million on unwanted gifts? Wasteful spending is not only bad for your wallet, but for the environment too! We care about your pocket and the planet and therefore, we’ve listed some thrifty tips for this silly season.


Set a spend limit to avoid unnecessary purchases


Before you start your Christmas gift shopping, make sure you plan ahead by creating a Christmas budget and shopping list as this will help you minimise overspending your hard-earned money. In addition, make a list of all the people you plan to exchange gifts with and decide how much you are willing to spend on each person. Then stick to your Christmas budget to avoid any impulse purchases.


Buy thrifty gifts


Buying the perfect gifts for your nearest and dearest can be a challenge but remember, material happiness is often short-lived. Therefore, try to give gifts from your heart that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Here are five thrifty Christmas gift ideas:

  1. Experiences
    It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to give someone a thoughtful experience. Simply plan something special for your loved ones like a movie night, a picnic or a day at a museum.
  2. Gift cards
    Find out where your friend or family member loves to shop and treat them with a gift card from their favourite store, that they can use whenever they want. A gift card is perfect if you want to mitigate any wasteful gifting because they may be valid for up to three years. However, make sure to always check the terms and conditions as expiration dates vary from store to store.
  3. Buy second-hand
    Bargain shop at your local thrift store or online at marketplace websites. Thrift shopping is both environmentally friendly and can save you lots of money. Plus, you might find more unique gifts, especially if they are vintage. 
  4. Make your own gifts
    Candles, bath bombs, soaps, drink coasters, the options are endless! Visit your local arts and craft store or search online for inspiration.
  5. Shop reusables
    Reusable tote bags, straws, coffee mugs, water bottles or produce bags are great gifts for the eco-minded.


Open a Christmas Club Account


Start planning for next year’s festive season by opening a Christmas Club Account. This account is designed to lighten the financial pressures of the festive season by helping you get into a regular savings pattern. You don't even need to spend your Christmas Club savings on Christmas presents alone - you can use the account to save for Music Festival Season, New Year's Eve festivities or a summer holiday!