The Enormous Benefits of Living in a Studio Apartment


Good things come in small packages, or so they say. When you think about property it’s fair to say that it’s rare this old adage springs immediately to mind. Australians have always liked their space when it comes to our homes, or do we?


It seems our idea of the ‘Great Aussie Dream’ may be beginning to shift as we don’t mind sacrificing space for location. According to recent research we commissioned, 35.5% of Australians would rather buy a studio apartment in their ideal location as opposed to a bigger property in a less ideal location.


And while the humble studio may not be every one’s cup of tea it does offer benefits that larger properties don’t.


Here are ten benefits for living in a studio apartment:

  1. It’s more affordable…when compared to other larger properties. It’s a great option for first time home buyers or mature downsizers.

  2. Housework becomes a snap when you only have one room to clean. Which means you’ll have more time in your schedule to do far more interesting things.

  3. You learn to appreciate alone time. With the average studio boasting 40 sqm it’s hardly enticing for friends to pop around. Which leads us onto point 4.

  4. You’re more inclined to go out and be active. Living in a small space can make you yearn the great outdoors. Not only will this improve your social life but also your waistline.

  5. You get to employ your creative genius when it comes to decorating. Sourcing dual-purpose furniture and finding ways to create hidden storage spaces will become an enviable talent.

  6. You’ll save money on your heating and cooling bills. Smaller spaces are easier to heat and cool so you won’t need to crank the air-conditioning or heater as much as you would in a larger space.

  7. Clutter is non-existent. You’re less inclined to accumulate many belongings if you have nowhere to hide or store them. Plus, you learn what is absolutely necessary versus the nice-to-haves.

  8. It’s harder to lose the remote control, or anything else for that matter.

  9. Location, location, location. Most studio apartments are built in thriving communities close to public transport, shops, restaurants, entertainment and are an easy distance to main cities.

  10. It’s easier to pack and move when it comes time to move on.


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