Spring into the Home Buying Season


Much like the weather, spring is generally the time of year when the property buying season starts to heat up off the back of the cooler winter months.


During the notorious busy selling and buying season, competition can be fierce so it pays to get your house – metaphorically and literally speaking – in order. Whether you’re buying or selling this season these top tips will have you springing ahead.


  • Obtain pre-approval: getting your finances in order is an important step. Looking for a property can be daunting enough without having a thorough understanding of your budget. Pre-approval will give you an understanding of your financial situation and give you the confidence to make an offer if you find your dream home.

  • Download property apps: realestate.com.au and Domain have great apps that let you search, save and share any properties that take your fancy. They’re also great at syncing with your calendar, which is incredibly helpful when you’re trying to schedule numerous inspections.

  • Research your favourite areas: although it might sound old school, try taking your research offline and head to the areas you’re looking to buy in for an on the ground view. Walking or driving around a suburb can give you great insights that you simply can’t achieve with online research.

  • Start gathering all the docs you might need to apply for a home loan: it might sound like we’re putting the horse before the cart but if you happen to come across a property you love, you’ll need to pounce on it quickly. Obtaining a home loan can take time so the sooner you get started the better. Gathering all the necessary documents your lender will need to see can save you precious time when it matters. Here’s a handy checklist we prepared earlier.


  • Fix up the house: if you’re planning to put your home on the market try giving it a good old-fashioned spring clean first. Remember, well presented suggests well maintained. First impressions count so don’t underestimate the difference even small touches can make – a fresh coat of paint on your front door or getting the windows cleaned for instance. The aim is to make an impact and hopefully drive up the value of your property.

  • Consider which agent you want to use: the right real estate agent can make a big difference to your selling experience. If you don’t have a trusted agent, asking friends and family for recommendations can be very helpful. There are also review websites such as ratemyagent.com.au which provide ratings and feedback on agents.

  • Decide on auction or private treaty: there’s no right or wrong way to go on this one, it all depends on your individual circumstances. The area you live in will be a strong determining factor. For instance, an auction can be a good option for those living in capital cities like Sydney or Melbourne where competition is high. However, if you live in a quieter suburb with less demand, a private treaty might be a better choice. Your agent will be able to advise you on the best strategy.