Gateway Introduces New Eco Debit Card and a Suite of Green Products


Say goodbye to paying with plastic as we launch Australia’s first Eco Debit Card. Unlike traditional payment cards that are made from fossil-fuel based PVC, the body of the Gateway Eco Debit Card is made from Polylactic Acid (PLA), a bio-based and degradable polymer made from annually renewable resources.

Production of the Eco Debit Card uses 65% less energy and generates 68% fewer greenhouse gases compared to producing a conventional plastic card. It is only the implanted security features and magnetic stripe that are made from other materials.  These are necessary for the card to be functional for payment machinery, and to be Visa Scheme compliant.

Now when you pay for your groceries or your morning coffee, there’s the opportunity to feel good knowing that your debit card has had minimal impact on the planet – if not your bank balance. 

When the Gateway Eco Debit Card expires and it’s time to securely cut it up and throw it out, it will degrade up to 20 times faster than a traditional payment card and won’t release any toxins into the soil. Even when incinerated, the card does not emit any hazardous or toxic gases.

Designed by eco-artist Jane Gillings, the card artwork features a motif based on the sustainable re-use of objects.  It also contains a notch on one of the corners, for people with sight impairments to easily identify the card and which way to insert it into ATMS or card readers. 

To support the launch of the Eco Debit Card, we are also launching two variable rate Green Home Loan products.  Eligible borrowers will qualify for a discounted interest rate if their property is energy efficient with a certified 7 Star or higher NatHERS (Nationwide Housing Energy Rating Scheme) rated home or qualify for a separate Green Home Loan discount if their homes don’t quite meet this certification but still feature a range environmentally friendly elements.

To round out a truly green banking proposition, Gateway will also be launching its lowest rate personal loan, the Eco Personal Loan, for the purchase and/or installation of environmental upgrades, such as solar panels and battery storage units. This low rate Eco Personal Loan will help Members wishing to make sustainable upgrades to their home access funding for projects that can even qualify them for the Green Home Loan discount.

We are so proud of our new products and being able to provide our Members with ethical financial products that underpin our commitment to our Pocket & Planet purpose. For more information about our Eco Debit Card, our Green Home Loans or our Eco Personal Loan, visit our Pocket & Planet page for more details or chat to one of our team to find out more information.