Declutter, Destress and Thrive in Your Home


Home is where we destress, relax and recharge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, did you know that if you live in a disorganised and cluttered home it can negatively impact your wellbeing? Because, clutter can create mental chaos.


Accumulating clutter is something that happens over time and at first, you might not even realise that it’s a problem. How do you know if your stuff has taken over your home? Look out for warning signs such as your home feels too small, it’s a mission impossible to find your favourite pair of jeans or you constantly blame your cat for hiding the remote. If you’re experiencing one or more of the above, it might be a good time to take control of the situation and start a decluttering project.


Follow these four simple steps to declutter your home.


1. Make a plan


Decluttering your home can be overwhelming so before you start, you need a plan. The key to success is to start small, write down a few goals and focus on one room at a time.


2. Let the decluttering begin


Once you’ve created a feasible plan, the next step is to go through all visible clutter in each room and sort them into four categories:


  1. Keep

  2. Recycle

  3. Donate

  4. Sell online

Try your best to remove of as much clutter as possible and make rational decisions rather than emotional ones. Unfortunately, sentimental clutter is your worst enemy! Therefore, keep memorabilia items that you’re not using to a minimum. If you have a hard time letting certain things go, why not take a photo and store your memories in your smartphone or tablet.


3. Repurpose 'The Chair'


Yes, you know ‘The Chair’! The one in your bedroom that you never sit on because it’s covered in piles of clothes that are no longer welcome in your wardrobe. Let’s admit that 'The Chair’ is a clutter nightmare.


Luckily, there are simple and inexpensive solutions available to face this unaesthetic challenge including:


  • A hat and coat stand

  • A towel ladder

  • A valet stand

  • A garment rack

  • Hooks

Now, make sure you find a new space for ‘The Chair’ where you can enjoy it.



4. Make your home 'hygge'


Once your home is organised and clutter-free it’s time to add some ‘hygge’ into your new stress-free oasis.


What is ‘hygge’? Hygge (pronounced hugh-geh) is a Danish word and lifestyle that entails adding simplicity and cosiness into your daily life.


Fresh plants, soft lighting such as fairy lights and candles all contribute to making your home feel more cosy. However, remember less is more!


When you’ve completed the final details, it’s time to make yourself a cup of coffee, light a candle, sit down in ‘The Chair’ and take a moment to reflect on your achievement and enjoy your clutter-free home.