Climate Active certifies Gateway Bank’s net zero status


Gateway Bank is pleased to announce that it has now been certified as Carbon Neutral by Climate Active, a partnership between the Australian government and the business community that drives voluntary climate action.


The certification forms part of our commitment to members to minimise the impact of Gateway’s operations on the environment and the community, while helping them save money and the planet through a responsible and thrifty use of resources.


Gateway Bank was certified in line with the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for organisations, that recognises our strategy to reduce emissions across a number of major sources, predominantly energy consumption and transport and logistics, and offsetting any remaining emissions.


Lexi Airey, Gateway Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, said that as a Climate Active Network member, we will be transparently tracking and enhancing our program to neutralise Gateway Bank’s carbon footprint.


“We have now joined the ranks of organisations that are proactively taking positive action on climate change, playing our part in the effort to reduce emissions across the economy,” Ms Airey said.   


“Achieving the status of net zero emissions is the latest step in our ongoing ‘pocket and planet’ focus, that seeks to align Gateway Bank with the principles and values of our members and the community we serve.”


Gateway has also established their Ethical Banking and Ethical Investment Policies that determine how we use our Members’ money in an ethical and responsible manner in line with our purpose. Click here to read the policies.