4 Tips When it Comes to Creating a Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly Christmas


Gateway’s renewed purpose is about helping our Members save money and the planet by using resources as least wastefully as possible.


And what better time to start talking about waste then the Christmas season. It’s estimated that during the 2018 Christmas period, Australian’s wasted an estimated $400 million on unwanted gifts. Waste not only impacts your back pocket, but also the planet – consider the waste involved in single-use plastics used in gift packaging, wrapping paper and the energy and resources needed to manufacture the gift!


This Christmas we want to share 4 top tips when it comes to creating a cost and environmentally friendly Christmas.


1. Give the gift of experiences

Experiences are a great gift option to share with your loved ones. There are experiences for every type of individual and every age! Whether it’s a voucher to a local restaurant, a luxurious massage or facial, or a heart-pumping experience such as white-water rafting - the choices are endless. When you give the gift of an experience, you help to create treasured memories that last much longer than any product or physical gift could. Plus, as many of us have spent more time at home this year, the gift of an experience is something many people will appreciate even more.


2. Make something

Why not take a workshop and make something?  There are great resources for courses such as Work-Shop or We Teach Me. You can learn a new skill and could be making your own soap, candles, cheese or beer, all personalised, cheaper and potentially better for the environment than shop bought.


3. Where possible buy local

When you buy local, you can significantly reduce the transportation emissions associated with your gift purchase. A gift that has been grown or made in your local community is likely to have a far smaller carbon footprint than one that has been manufactured overseas, shipped into Australia and delivered to your door. Furthermore, when you buy locally, you are also often choosing to help fund the small and independent business community in your area. By helping to stimulate your local economy and the small businesses in your community, you’re also helping new jobs to be created.


There is also the option of purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables so that you can make your own jam and preserves for gifts.


4. Purchase second-hand

Lastly, when buying a gift for friends or family, think about if there may be a refurbished, or second-hand alternative. Be sure to check-out local thrift and charity stores, as well as growing online second-hand marketplaces. By purchasing used or refurbished you can significantly increase a products lifecycle, reduce the demand on resources involved in manufacturing, while also saving a few dollars - You’re also much more likely to find a something that is unique and rare!


We know Christmas and the holiday season is a special time for many Australians. With 2020 being a tougher year than most, many people may be looking at ways of celebrating Christmas with a more conscious mind-set. For Members who need a little extra help with saving for the Christmas period, Gateway offers a Christmas Club Account.


Our Christmas Club account makes saving for the festive season easy by enabling you to make savings deposits throughout the year and only providing access to the funds from November 1 to January 31st each year, helping you to resist the urge to overspend during the year while reducing the financial burden at Christmas. With a competitive interest rate, it will help make your Christmas merry and bright! Find out more about our Christmas Club Account here.