0% Car Finance Deals

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The likelihood is that the actual cost of finance is reflected in the final vehicle price. This may mean you end up paying more long term than you would if you paid cash or brought your own finance.


For example, you can choose to buy a car for $20,000 if you provide your own finance, or if you choose the 0% finance provided by the dealer the purchase price may be higher, for example $23,000. Over a 3 year term, if you bring your own finance of 5.69% p.a. you could save over $1000.



You may also be obliged to have your vehicle serviced by the dealer at set intervals otherwise your warranty may be voided. This might result in higher than expected charges than those of an independent mechanic.


Once you’ve found your dream car, make sure you ask the car dealership for their cash price and then give Gateway a call to discuss our range of competitively priced car loans to fund your purchase. It pays to compare overall costs to ensure that you get the best possible deal.


Gateway Car Loans are fully loaded with features like loan redraw, no account-keeping fees, unlimited additional payments, and low variable interest rates for both new and used cars.


Applications for finance are subject to Gateway’s credit assessment criteria. Full terms and conditions available on application. Loan fees and charges apply. Other fees and charges may apply.