Small is the New Big

At Gateway individual roles have a broader scope, with the ability to influence change and see ideas come to life. Small provides flexibility to be responsive. We can develop ideas and see them through to completion without 300 meetings. Plus, we value a sense of humour and have fun along the way. We trust, respect and support fellow employees and operate as a team. That’s why we strive to hire new recruits who will bring not only their technical expertise but who will be a good fit for the business overall. This is reflected in our thorough screening practices.

Life at Gateway

Gateway’s working environment is open, friendly and collaborative. So does that translate to Gateway being a good employer? If our own employees are to be believed it does! Our Employee Satisfaction score has consistently rated at outstanding levels over many years. We foster an environment in which employees can contribute and make a difference. And what a difference our staff efforts make…we take pride in our exceptional Member satisfaction and award-winning products. We are united in our desire to provide outstanding service and products that will help us to be the most trusted financial partner to our Members.

As we said, don’t take our word for it, here are some staff testimonials:

Zeb Drummond, Chief Operating Officer

“I first came to Gateway as Sales Manager for an opportunity to expand my field of influence whilst driving great results for customers. We built a positive sales and service culture with a team of self-starters. I then moved on to the role of Senior Manager – Customer Care, in this role I was responsible for ensuring a great customer outcome through Gateway’s Transactional & Settlements team and Lending Services team. Most recently I have had the opportunity to expand my influence again, now as the Chief Operating Officer. A united team devoted to Gateway’s Members and internal stakeholders’ satisfaction, through the entire customer journey, from enquiry to settlement, is the way forward.

Those devoted to their jobs receive regular reward and recognition. I really appreciate the closeness of our workplace, especially the culture of continual improvement and learning. Every day is different as we all continue to learn and grow.”

Arthika Govind, Lending Specialist

“Working at Gateway is like being a part of a community of friendly helpful colleagues that work together for one common goal, which is to assist members achieve their financial goals.”


Living our Values

As you would expect, Gateway’s values reflect the behaviours that we want to see on a day-to-day basis. From the essential core requirement of our business to act ethically and responsibly in everything we do, to the behaviours, such as passion, that help to create such a positive working environment. They also reflect the behaviours that are especially relevant to a business of our size, where you will be called upon to get involved in more areas than would be normal in a larger organisation. 

Our Values

​Do the right thing

  • Act and make decisions like there is a member beside you all day
  • Listen, be empathetic, seriously empathetic
  • Create, protect and return value to our members
  • Don't ask 'can I?' but ask 'should I?'
  • Get it right first time
  • Don't think about gotchas and gaming - call it out when you see it
  • Play an active part in our community and help to give back
  • Speak out if you think we're acting as a bank and not in the best interest of our members

"Our teams here, irrespective of how long it takes to resolve a matter, will always abide by policy and procedure and keep Gateway's reputation at the centre of their heart." - Arun


  • Be proud of Gateway - be a brand ambassador every day
  • Actively pursue growth and learning - we don't stop training once we are on the team 
  • Create the wow factor to stand out, always try to be memorable for good reasons 

"Passion is a marvellous fuel, it doesn't cost much, yet creates amazing life moments as we strive in action to pursue what we hold important." - Andrew

Stumble don't fall

  • If at first you don't succeed find another way, say 'can if...' 
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • It's okay to say something we are doing isn't working and not flog a dead horse

"I am passionate about continuous improvement and finding better ways to achieve our goals. Regularly reviewing our processes helps us to recognise weaknesses so we can fix any gaps and increase our success" - Kate

'Small up' - do more with less

  • Embrace our beautiful constraints, don't see smaller budgets as a liability but an opportunity for a much more rewarding frugal innovation 
  • In whatever we do: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose and share to minimise our impact on the planet
  • In everything you do remember we do it with our members' money and we are all members too. 

"I'm very happy to be more involved and hands-on. Otherwise, by always engaging expensive consultants, it means we miss out on developing our technical knowledge." - Caroline

Not 'work' but making a difference

  • Have fun, nobody should feel there is a hump day 
  • Support and look after each other 
  • No blame culture, own it and focus on what you can do, not what others didn't
  • We all matter, understand the wonderful difference you and your colleagues make to each other, members and the bank 
  • Embrace our differences, we all bring a unique view, not right or wrong 

"It really makes a difference when you work in an environment alongside people who are kind, willing to be supportive, and have a smile on their face." - Paulina

What it means to be a Customer-Owned Bank

Being customer-owned means that we put people before profits; 100% of our profits are used to benefit our customers rather than shareholder return. This also translates to offering products and services to make banking simple, secure and flexible to the needs of our Members. We get to know our Members and our staff are empowered to know and do what is right for them.

This video explains the customer-owned banking model: