Application Process and Tips

How to Apply

The most efficient way to apply for a role at Gateway is through the SEEK jobs board. This ensures that you will have provided the screening information we generally require in our advertising, such as rights to work, salary expectation and availability to start.

Recruitment Process

The nature of the role you apply for will determine the steps in our recruitment process. Generally, we use online screening tools to bookend the face-to-face meetings. This ensures that we build a strong picture of you as a candidate, whilst ensuring that the time you spend in face-to-face meetings is kept to a reasonable level.

Advice & Tips

We want you to put your best foot forward in the recruitment process and to set yourself up for success. Here are some tips and tools to help you in your job search:

Recruitment process steps – this is an overview of Gateway’s normal recruitment process.
What is your resume saying about you? – This guide will help you ensure that your resume summarises your experience clearly and in a logical sequence.
Completing a Video interview – how to approach completing a video interview as part of the recruitment process.
Preparing for an interview – This guide will help you prepare for your interview with some tips for responding to some questions we typically ask.
Completing Psychometric Assessments – an overview of the assessments used and how to prepare.