Career Development at Gateway

Not sure about the career development opportunities on offer in a smaller business? If you were to ask our managers, they could speak to the opportunities from firsthand experience because 80% of Gateway’s managers moved into their current roles through an internal promotion. That applies at all levels - team members who stepped up to a team manager role, managers moving into senior management, and senior managers progressing to join the leadership team.

Development Opportunities

Within the business we ensure that position descriptions for most roles across the business are available on our Intranet on what we refer to the PD Wall. We want to make it easy for anyone to see what is entailed in a role to see if their skills and experience might fit. We also specifically ask everyone as part of the annual appraisal process if there are roles from other areas that might be of interest to them.
This is when the real advantage of a smaller business comes into play…if it is known that you have an interest in another area, wherever possible we can take proactive steps to facilitate you exploring that interest. For example, we could use a short-term secondment for leave coverage to allow you to dip a toe and get some experience in another area.

Exposure to All Areas

Even if you don’t have an interest in working in another area but are curious as to what happens in other parts of the business, we have a program to help you gain that understanding. Every six months you are required to undertake activities that relate to improving your understanding of both other areas of the business and customer-facing areas. This could include sitting in on a meeting with other teams, completing research tasks, or attending presentations on topics of interest. This program also gives those who want to share the opportunity to present what they have been working on with others from across the business in short sessions.

While this program gets great feedback and is of benefit to individuals, its real benefit is to the business as a whole. It ensures that everyone has a better understanding of the broader business and where their role/team fits in.

Nature of Roles

Our main focus is home loan lending including reverse mortgages and our award-winning Green Home Loan. We also offer personal loans, including car loans and eco loans. More recently we have introduced Commercial loans. On the deposit side we have a range of transaction accounts and term deposits.
We interact both directly with members and also through third-party channels, such as Broker networks.
It can be difficult from outside the business to know what type of roles we might have. The table below shows the individual teams across the business which should give an indication as to the nature of roles:

Customer Service Teams:
  • Direct Sales and Service
  • Third Party Sales
  • Commercial Lending
  • Lending Services
  • Transactional and Settlement Service
  • Customer Operations
  • Product Management
  • Brand and Marketing
  • Business Improvement


Risk Governance Teams:
  • Credit and Operational Risk
  • Quality Assurance
  • Compliance
  • Credit Management


Business Support Teams:    
  • Finance and Treasury
  • Business Technology Services
  • Executive Office
  • People and Performance