Our Loan Repayment Calculator can help you understand how much your loan repayments will be. 

Enter the loan amount, interest rate and loan term and select the loan type and payment frequency to get an overview of your repayments and total interest payable. 


When reviewing the table view, please note: 

Month 0 shows the full principal of the loan and the total amount of interest that will be payable over the life of the loan. The Balance is the total amount you'll pay to the bank over the remaining period of the loan. 

  • To understand how much of the loan amount you'll pay down each month simply subtract the subsequent month's principal amount from the preceding principal amount. 
  • To calculate the amount of interest paid each month simply subtract the subsequent month's interest amount from the preceding interest amount. 
  • Adding the principal amount to the interest amount will equal the Monthly repayments. 


The information icon at the top right of the calculator provides further details on the calculator's assumptions.