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Banking with a personal touch

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At Gateway Bank we believe in banking with a personal touch. The people behind Gateway are all highly experienced and passionate individuals who are here to support your individual needs because we understand that everybody is unique. That's why when you call Gateway Bank, you'll be sure to speak to a real person, based at our head office in Sydney.

Despite everything that makes us unique, we still have one thing in common: we're proud of the team and products we have to offer at Gateway, and we love to show them off, meet our team!

Indy Heer Michael Joei


Senior Sales & Service Assistant 

Having joined us in 2010, Elisabeth has many years of experience in the Financial Services Industry and it reflects in the great rapport she has with our Members. Other than her passion for her furry, four-legged children, Elisabeth is also a caring team member and we like to think of her as our very own Team Mum.


Lending Consultant

Indy brings sunshine everywhere she goes with her friendly nature and infectious smile. Her geniality is complimented by her strong sense of determination to achieve her goals. Indy is also one of our most worldly team members having lived in five different countries, Australia, of course, being her favourite.


Lending Consultant

Michael’s assiduous scheduling and keen eye for detail means he never forgets a follow-up. Michael is a natural communicator and educator, which is why we weren’t surprised to find out that he spends his spare time studying apogees and perigees... also known as Rocket Science!

Moneel Sanehi  


Lending Consultant

Moneel always exceeds expectations with the genuine care and guidance he provides. He has over a decade of experience in banking and combined with his upbeat personality, we're glad he's part of our team instead of being a drummer, which is his other dream job.


Lending Consultant

Simon isn’t just a friendly face, he’s also reliable and dedicated to his customers. But he’s never one for fishing for compliments – probably because he’s too busy looking after his aquariums! We think being a keen aquarist might be the reason he’s so calm and collected.